Choirs @ The Little Voice Studio

We are very proud to be part of 'Jay-Em Studios' and working along side everyone there. Together we offer two fun and exciting choirs, perfect for younger pupils who are interested in music and enjoy singing.


Ages 12+ - FRIDAYS 5:00PM- 6:00PM

This class is perfect for pupils with a passion for music wanting to strengthen and develop their singing experience. This Choir allows more advanced pupils to sing in harmony, contribute to the arrangement of sings, learn to sing with advanced vocal techniques  and take part in exciting performing and recording projects.


Ages 6+ - WEDNESDAYS 4:30PM- 5:15PM

This class is perfect for children who are too young or too shy for private singing lessons but still have a passion for music and singing. This Choir allows pupils to develop their technique, strengthen their musical ear, gain confidence and take part in a number of exciting projects.

All Choirs are £3 per session (paid weekly) and held at Jay-Em Studios in Chorley.